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Initial Protection Steps for a New Laptop

I f you’ve recently purchased a new laptop computer for any purpose, whether work, pleasure or some combination therein, this is always an exciting time. Along with all the new features and gadgets you’ll be exploring with your machine, however, it’s vital to take a few basic steps that will protect the device as you utilize it in several different locations or settings.

At Max-Tech I.T Solutions, we’re here to help. During our years of quality laptop repair service, we’ve seen a number of issues that were often preventable – if the owner of the machine took a bit more care in terms of basic protection, both of the laptop’s hardware and of various important software areas. What are some of the top areas you should attend to when you’ve just purchased a new laptop, helping you avoid damage and various software risks? Here are several.

Updated OS

Whether you’ve purchased the laptop new or used, chances are the machine hasn’t had its operating system updated in months at minimum. It’s generally been sitting on a shelf for at least some period of time, and no one has had a chance to update it.

This should be the first update you make when you purchase a new device. With Windows 10, this just requires going into settings, then updates and security, then check for updates. In Mac laptops, go to the Apple menu in the corner, select system preferences, and then choose software updates. For those using Chromebook laptops, automatic updates will take place as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Security Software Installation and Backup

Another major theme as soon as you get a new laptop is installing security software. You need software that prevents cyberattacks and is also anti-theft, plus that scans the computer often to remove threats.

No matter which software you install, though, it’s also vital to back up the computer and its data. Set up an automatic backup that regularly saves all your files.

Removal of Bloatware

“Bloatware” is the name used for software on the computer that you’ll never use. This software just takes up space and resources, and if you’re 100% sure it will never be used, you should note it and uninstall it. This is most commonly needed for Windows machines.

Power Settings

Battery life is also important, and you can take some steps to optimize it. One of these is organizing display brightness so it’s not too bright; another is setting your sleep or hibernate mode so the computer will save power if it’s left without use for a certain period of time.

For more on the important tasks to complete when you’ve purchased a new laptop, or to learn about any of our laptop repair, phone repair or other device repair services, speak to the staff at Max-Tech I.T Solutions today.

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